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cupid_bee's Journal

H/Hr and troyella ships
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For people who loves H/Hr and troyella ships!

Hi, this is thelovebee ! Welcome all members/visitors to my community! This is a community for all lj members who love troyella and/or h/hr ships, so don't worry about searching your favourite ship out of a bunch. Feel free to join my community at any time and enjoy it! Once again, welcome to cupid_bee

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English and spanish

1.Do not copy any thing from the community(fan art,fanfics,pictures,etc)
No se permite copiar nada de la communidad.(dibujos,historias,fotos,etc)

2.Your userpic has to be appropriate.
Tu userpic tiene que se apropiado.

3.When you post a fanfic please write the rating,author,tittle,and summary.
Cuando escribas una historia para la comunidad por favor pon la clasificacion,el autor,el titulo,y el resumen.

4.All pictures(if are more than 300x300 pixels, if you're doing icons you can post 3 teasers) and stories has to be under a cut.
Todas las fotos(si son mas grandes que 300x300,si used hace iconos puede poner tres de ejemplo fuera del lj cut) e historias deben estar bajo de un ljcut.

5.Post with adult contend is not allowed.
Cualquier cosa con contenido adulto no son permitidos.

This is a respectuful community and we hope you follow all rules.We know there are children exploring livejournal too,and we have to give them respect.

Esta es una comunidad respetuosa y esperamos que sigan todas las reglas.Nostros sabemos que muchos ninos estan explorando livejournal y tenemos que darles respeto.

If you don't follow the rules your post will be deleted.

Si no siguen el reglamento tu historia o foto sera borrada.

Rule No.6
Regla No.6

6.Most of all have fun!
iMas que nada diviertase!

Please don't post stuff or post a comment saying one ship is better than other(kitty eyes).
Por favor no discutan que pareja es mejor(ojos de gatito).

hhr16.jpg picture by tobepuppy

You may use this pictures to promote my cummunity./Ud puede usar estas fotos to para promocionar mi comunidad.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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Thank you/Gracias

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