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quiz results

this are my quiz results
 Your ship is Harry/Hermione!

According to you, friends make the best lovers- and Harry and Hermione have been good friends since they were eleven. They have many things in common, they're always civil to one another, and they've proved they work well as a team. Through book 5, they're still very platonic, but that could still change. After all, everyone but them seems to notice how close they are. Could it be true love?

Opponents of this ship say that Harry and Hermione's relationship is too platonic, and that their relationship would lack any romantic spark. They also say that if they were going to get together, they would have shown more romantic interest in each other by this point. And there's Ron's pesky little crush on Hermione to consider...

While not the most likely ship to occur, H/Hr has a decent shot of happening in canon. And, if it does happen, you can bet it will probably be a lasting relationship.

Other pairings often shipped with Harry/Hermione include Draco/Ginny and more minor ships Ron/Luna and Ron/Lavender.
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